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SUNS # 8521 Friday 11 August 2017

United Nations : Indigenous peoples continue to face challenges to their rights (PRIV)
(Kanaga Raja, Geneva)
While progress has been made in the formal recognition of indigenous peoples in several countries, ten years after the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, they overwhelmingly continue to face discrimination, marginalization and major challenges in enjoying their basic rights.

Finance : Leadership failure perpetuates stagnation (PRIV)
(Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Kuala Lumpur)
What kind of leadership does the world need now? US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's leadership was undoubtedly extraordinary.

Opinion : Why new US Cold War with Russia now (PRIV)
(IPS, Moscow)
Even before the imposition of new sanctions on Russia by Donald Trump and the ongoing fuss over Russian hackers undermining US democracy, Russian-American relations had deteriorated to a level not seen since the 1950s. Why?

Rights : This is how indigenous peoples help curb gas emissions, end hunger (PRIV)
(IPS, Rome)
A third of global forests, crucial for curbing gas emissions, are primarily managed by indigenous peoples, families, smallholders and local communities, according to the United Nations.

Communications : International Day of World's Indigenous Peoples (PRIV)
(IPS, Rome)
Over the centuries, indigenous peoples who have in-depth and locally rooted knowledge of the natural world, have been increasingly dispossessed of their lands, territories and resources and have lost control over their own way of life.

Middle East : Jordan makes strides toward inclusive green economy (PRIV)
(IPS, Amman)
Jordan may be one of the smallest economies in the Middle East, but it has high ambitions for inclusive green growth and sustainable development despite the fact that it lies in the heart of a region that has been long plagued with wars and other troubles, says the Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Dr. Frank Rijsberman.

Note to Readers : Holiday Notice (PRIV)
(, )
With the WTO in recess and little activity in UN agencies, the SUNS staff will take a short break. The next issue #8522 will appear on 29 August.

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