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SUNS # 8740 Friday 10 August 2018

United Nations : Bachelet of Chile nominated as next Rights chief (PRIV)
(Kanaga Raja, Geneva)
Michelle Bachelet, a former President of Chi le and the first woman to occupy that post, has been nominated as the next Uni ted Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Rights : Indigenous peoples need protection during migration (PRIV)
(Kanaga Raja, Geneva)
A group of United Nations human rights exper ts has said that it is crucial that the rights of indigenous peoples are reali sed when they migrate or are displaced from their lands.

Opinion : Indigenous peoples least responsible for climate crisis (PRIV)
(IPS, New York)
Indigenous peoples, who comprise le ss than five percent of the world's population, have the world's smallest carb on footprint, and are the least responsible for our climate crisis.

Environment : Sousa, a solar power capital in an increasingly arid Brazil (PRIV)
(IPS, Sousa)
Sousa, a municipality of 70,000 people in the west of Paraiba, the state in Brazil most threatened by desertification, ha s become the country's capital of solar energy, with a Catholic church, various busi nesses, households and even a cemetery generating solar power.

Q&A : Honouring women of Africa and the diaspora (PRIV)
(IPS, New York)
This year, the African Union and the Diaspora African forum are honouring the first woman minister for education in Kenya for her long and outstanding work in girls' education an d governance.

Grenada : Why flooding is clear reminder of its vulnerability to climate cha nge (PRIV)
(IPS, St. George's)
Grenada is still tallying the da mage after heavy rainfall last week resulted in "wide and extensive" flooding th at once again highlights the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to climate change.

Note to Readers : Holiday Notice (PRIV)
(, )
With the WTO in recess and little activity in UN agencies, the SUNS staff w ill take a short break. The next issue #8741 will appear on 28 August.

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