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SUNS # 8954 Thursday 25 July 2019

Trade : US criticized for "shifting goalposts" in AB crisis   (D. Ravi Kanth, Geneva) (PRIV)
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Several members of the World Trade Organization criticized the United States on Tuesday (23 July) for its stonewalling tactics and shifting the goalposts for improving the functioning of the Appellate Body (AB), trade envoys told the SUNS.

Opinion : Privatization increases corruption   (IPS, Kuala Lumpur) (PRIV)
(, )
International financial institutions (IFIs) have typically imposed wide-ranging policy reforms - called "conditionalities" - in exchange for country governments to secure access to financial assistance.

United Nations : Treaty violators make mockery of Refugee Convention   (IPS, New York) (PRIV)
(, )
With the rise of right-wing nationalism, primarily in the Western world, an increasingly large number of countries are not only abandoning multilateralism but also violating international treaties and conventions signed and ratified in a bygone era.

United Nations : Finland's education system leads globally   (IPS, New York) (PRIV)
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Finland has garnered attention for its top-notch education, and the newly appointed Minister of Education for Finland is planning to continue with the success of her country's education system through various and innovative approaches.

Health : Global AIDS fight running out of steam, says UN   (IPS, New York) (PRIV)
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The global fight against AIDS is floundering amid cash shortfalls and spikes in new HIV infections among marginalised groups in developing regions, Gunilla Carlsson, executive director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), said Tuesday.

Opinion : Desperation and fear on the Mexican border   (IPS, San Francisco) (PRIV)
(, )
On the 2,000-mile journey from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to the US-Mexico border, the 20-year-old asylum seeker and her 16-year-old brother took turns sleeping every time they managed to catch a ride or get on a bus.

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